Do you charge a call out fee or to provide a quote ?

No. I don't charge a call out fee or to provide a quote. Both are completely free.

Making sure I have clear access to any areas I may need to complete the work would save time. Also, if applicable, know where your fuse box and/or stop cox is. 


What's the difference between a handyman and a plumber or electrician?



Plumbers & electricians are specialists in their fields so can carry out very complicated/extensive work. Whereas a Handyman is multi-skilled so can still do many plumbing & electrical jobs as part of a broader service but not all.


Do I need to do or prepare anything before your arrive?

Bye. Thanks for stopping by.

Do I need to provide the materials needed?

It's up to you. I can provide the materials if you'd prefer and could get them cheaper through a trade account.

Do you assemble flatpack furniture from any retailer?

A lot of people associate flatpack furniture with Ikea but I assemble it from any retailer.