I will continue to wear a mask at all times whilst on site, sanitise/wash my hands regularly and should myself or family display any Covid symptoms (or be advised to isolate), I will cancel any upcoming work until safe to return.


To keep us all safe the following should be in place whilst I’m working in a client's home:


- Please sanitise/wash hands before and after my visit.

- Ensure 2m social distancing remains in place for the duration of my visit and we should be in separate rooms wherever possible.

- When it is necessary for us to be in the same room, please wear a face covering.

- Rooms should be well ventilated by opening windows and/or doors throughout my visit.

- After I leave, clients are advised to disinfect surfaces that I have had contact with whilst working on their property.

- Clients should cancel a scheduled job if they or anyone they’ve recently been in contact with displays any covid symptoms.


The actions above will mitigate risk to the lowest practicable level. However, there is a risk with members from outside a client's household entering their home, and as such it is a client's responsibility to assess the risk and decide whether to proceed with the work. If a client prefers to reschedule, then I am more than happy to do so. Likewise, if a client feels they cannot comply with the above mitigating actions, please let me know, and I will reschedule the work.


And finally for the foreseeable future I will only be accepting payment via bank transfer or contactless card payment up to £45.